A unique way to celebrate Birthday

for kids & adults of all ages

VR Arcade Birthday Party

Birthday Party at VR ZONE DC is a new and unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday. We are happy to accommodate groups of kids from 10 years old* and adults of any age.

We can accommodate parties up to 10 guests in our cozy DC location and parties up to 30 guests in our spacios Rockville location.


Want to have even more fun? Choose our Double Fun Package: Virtual Reality Arcade + Escape Room for up to 16 guests. All at the same place in Washington DC.


VR Arcade
Birthday Party
Rockville location

2-hour packages
The biggest VR Arcade in DMV area for unlimited fun!

Our Birthday packages allow you to use a party area and bring outside food or order pizza through us. 


  • Two-hours Party on 4 stations (8 guests max/ 4 players play at a time) - $449 Sun - Fri/ $549 Saturday

  • Two-hours Party on 6 stations (12 guests max/ 6 players play at a time) - $599 Sun - Fri / $699 Saturday

  • Two-hours Party on 8 stations (16 guests max/ 8 players play at a time - $799 Sun - Fri / $899 Saturday

  • Two-hours Party on 10 stations (20 guests max/ 10 players play at a time - $999 Sun - Fri / $1099 Saturday

Add VR Arena Experience to have even more fun (4 headsets)

Colorful Birthday Party

VR Arcade +
VR Arena
Birthday Party
Rockville location

Add Unique free-roaming arena
experience to your party package

We offer a choice of 3 mini games on VR Arena (10 minutes each)

4 players can play at a time

Virtual Reality Goggles

VR Birthday Party
DC location

2-hour package up to 10 guests (8 kids max)
Cozy space for smaller events

  • 2 Hours Of Party Time (includes 1 h 40 min of game time, 20 min for food)

  • 4 Virtual Reality Stations

  • Add pizza package (no outside food in DC, other than birthday cake)






2 hours package up to 16 guests
DC location only

  • Private Escape Room experience at Insomnia Escape Room DC

  • VR games at VR ZONE DC on 4 VR stations

  • Each guest have both VR and Escape Room

  • Add a pizza package

  • No outside food allowed, except Birthday Cake

  • Dedicated party host







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VR ZONE DC arcade uses the best currently available technology for the truly immersive experience:

  • last generation HTC Vive headsets and Oculus Rift headsets

  • best room-scale tracking with extraordinary precision

  • wireless technology by HTC Vive for untethered virtual reality

  • the last generation Intel and NVIDIA powered rigs with more computing power than it is reasonable


If you want to bring more guests or have a specific request, please, contact us or call 202-460-9988

*Please, send a waiver to parents to sign in advance.


1 adult is required per every 5 children under 14 years old. Adult supervision and assistance are required during the whole game time. It’s your responsibility to organize rotation if there’s more than 1 child per station on the reservation.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to group with kids if there are not enough supervising adults or adults are not providing proper supervision. In this scenario, you will receive no refund or rescheduling.