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We bring VR Escape Rooms to your corporate events in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
Add VR to your Team bonding or Holiday event


Add cool VR experience to your corporate event, conference, or team outing.

Our multiplayer VR Escape Rooms work great as a team bonding experience, and they are lots of fun!

We can offer free-roaming or standing set-up depending on your space, with up to 6 guests playing in one team.

  • Reserve 4 - 12 VR headsets

  • Space needed: approx 7-8 ft x 7-8 ft per headset of unobstructed space

  • Take 15 minutes turns playing our multiplayer VR Escape Room Games

  • Reserve 1 - 4 hours

  • Prices start from $1499 per event

  • Available on weekdays

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