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  • What is VR Zone and VR Arena?
    VR ZONE and VR Arena are experts in VR! We allows you to experience the best VR available today. We've carefully selected a World-class VR content for various audiences from kids parties to corporate events. The cutting-edge technology that we use, allows you to immerse into the world of virtual reality and see, feel and move with a new level of freedom.
  • Who can participate? Any age limitations?
    Please, consider your own child's abilities before making a reservation! We have several fun, family-friendly games available in virtual reality and we will always work with you to ensure games are age-appropriate before the play time begins. We are ready to accommodate children who are at least 8 years old as long as they meet the mental and physical requirements to operate the headsets on their own and have the ability to follow basic rules that ensure the safety of themselves, other players, and the equipment. This means young players should be able to read, listen to directions and maneuver through games independently. Children with heads that are too small to fit in the headsets or hands too small to fit around the controllers, unfortunately, are not large enough to play. VR Escape Rooms and Free-roaming arena suitable for kids 10+ years old. Birthday parties are available for kids 10 years and older. It is important to note that the VR headset manufacturer recommends players be at least 13 years or older. 1 adult is required per every 4 children under 14 years old. Adult supervision and assistance are required during the whole game time. It’s your responsibility to organize rotation if there’s more than 1 child per station on the reservation. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to group with kids if there are not enough supervising adults, adults are not providing proper supervision, or children are not mature enough to participate. In this scenario, you will receive no refund or rescheduling option. All minors under 18 years old must have waivers signed by their parents or guardians
  • Can I book one headset for several guests?
    For your best gaming experience and for the benefits of other players, we allow one player per headset. Headset swapping is allowed during Private Events and Birthday Parties
  • Any phisical limitations for participation?
    Because the experience is very visual, visual impairment is a limitation. People with heart problems, motion sickness, prone to seizures, and pregnant women need to proceed with caution at their own risk. If you have any medical condition, psychiatric condition, or similar, please consult your doctor before participating.
  • What technology do you use? What is the equipment you use?
    In ZONE we use the latest HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift headsets that are recognized as the best current technology for room-scale VR. We are also equipped with the top-notch computing power to support 360 degrees of best-resolution VR, surround sound and best tracking capabilities. We also have an untethered wireless set by HTC and a set of trackers for full body immersion available by request.
  • Will I feel dizzy or nauseous?
    Based on our observations, the experiences that do not require fast movement in the VR (like flying, jumping, racing, etc) are not causing dizziness. We carefully select only the experiences that will not cause discomfort or nausea. However, it is individual and if you notice signs of discomfort, please tell your game assistant and he will be able to help you.
  • What should I wear?
    Light-weight, comfortable clothes you can easily move around in and sneakers/flat shoes are recommended. You will be actively playing so heavy clothing and heels may hinder your movement! Glasses with large frames may not fit into the VR headsets so contact lenses are recommended when possible. For optimal comfort, long hair should be worn down rather than in a high bun or ponytail.
  • Do you sell food? Can I bring my own?
    We don't sell any food or drinks at the facility. For regular reservations, you are welcome to bring in water bottles or sodas as long as they are safely kept in the seating area away from the VR stations. Outside food is not permitted unless you are hosting a party with us. If you are reserving a birthday party with a party room or a private event, please, confirm with our party planning team.
  • Do I need to make a reservation before coming?
    Please make a reservation or call before coming to be sure that you will have stations available when you come. We can accommodate a small number of walk-ins due to limited number of headsets, so we highly recommend making a reservation.
  • What is VR ZONE Cancellation policy?
    All sales are final. Bookings are non-refundable upon purchase. You can, however, change the date and time of your booking if it is more than 24 hours in advance for regular bookings and more than 7 days for private events.
  • Do you have a parking?
    There is a parking garage (2323 Wisconsin ave NW) and parking lot (2233 Wisconsin ave NW) across the street from our DC location. Another parking garage (2201 Wisconsin ave) is within a block away. There is also free 2 hours parking on Hall pl and metered parking on Wisconsin ave. Please, plan to arrive earlier to find the parking spot. Our Rockville location has it's own free parking lot
  • What is the nearest metro?
    Nearest Metro Stations to the DC locations are: Woodley Park (8 min drive, 30 min walk), Cleveland Park (8 min drive, 30 min walk) Dupont Circle (9 min drive, 36 min walk) Tenley Town (10 min drive, 40 min walk) White Flint metro is 10 minutes waking from our Rockville location
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