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VR Zone DC in partnership with Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is happy to announce Tower Tag tournament! 


Tower Tag features futuristic-style laser battles atop virtual towers and has gained a following around the globe, with locations in more than 40 countries.


Like other VR esports, Tower Tag combines technology and athleticism. Players are virtually launched onto skyscrapers over a darkened city at dusk and they must combine shooting skills, coordination, and strategy as they dodge and weave their way around neon-colored towers in order to gain an advantage over their opponents in the 3 v 3 competitions. 


Tournament Start Date: 

November 19th, 7 pm VR Zone DC team time bracket will be announced later.

Team formation is November 10 - 16

VR Zone DC Team:

One A-team with 3 players

If enough player requests received, a B-team can be organized for the tournament along with an A-team.


Player Requirements:

  • All  tournament players must be 13 or older

  • All players under 18 must have parental consent

  • Must come for qualification

Prize Pool ($2010 total):

  • $1050 to the first place team ($350 per team member)

  • $450  to the second place team ($150 per team member)

  • $300 to the third place team  ($100 per team member)

  • $210 to the fourth place team. ($70 per team member)



Tournament game will be organized by VR Zone DC and FREE for participating players.

However, to become a part of VR Zone DC tournament team a player needs to go through qualification in Tower Tag during a paid time in VR Zone DC arcade.


How to Sign Up:

Send us a participation request on

Schedule a timeslot in VR Zone DC to practice and make a qualification in Tower Tag

Tournament rules link: 

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