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VR’s best kept secret, Tower Tag, is now available at VR Zone DC!

VR’s Best Kept Secret: Tower Tag

If you haven’t gotten a chance to try Tower Tag, you’re missing one of the best VR experiences to date. Tower Tag is a virtual reality laser tag has taken VR locations around the world by storm, amassing millions of viewers, packing arcades across the world — and is quickly rising to be among the best VR eSport titles available.

Tower Tag is played at locations in 40+ countries and has taken Asia by storm with recent tournaments having budgets of more than one million Euros and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. Pro eSport gamers like Aries TCK and SAO are playing at their team houses and the last Tower Tag tournament had over 1.2 million live stream viewers.

Even better, we’re excited to announce a US vs Europe VR Arcade Tower Tag tournament that will take place in early November. There is still time to register!


What is Tower Tag?

Akin to the Laser Tag venues of old, at first Tower Tag may seem like a casual, competitive shooter but players will quickly learn that there’s a ton of strategy and teamwork involved when playing Tower Tag.

Players strategically move around the map by controlling platforms and moving between them to gain advantages over their opponents. Each platform has a central tower that can be used for cover from incoming fire. Controlling platforms is the key to being able to outmaneuver and outgun your enemies! Don’t rely on just being a good shot!


What is Tower Tag Good for?

In a short sentence: “Tower Tag – It’s like laser tag but in a space-aged stadium”


In VR Zone Rockville we offer 8 VR stations for Tower tag - meaning that up to 8 players can compete against each other in this space-age game. At the DC location 4 players can play together.


Tower Tag is great for:


How to Book Tower Tag Session?

Use our booking system to book 60, or 120 min of VR arcade for the number of stations where you wish to play Tower Tag. Account for more time if you want to try other arcade VR games from our library (and we have a lot of them - the best you can find currently in VR). 

When you arrive, tell your host that you want to play Tower Tag. Enjoy!

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